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Position: Library Director

Full Time Position

Salary Range: $50,000-$60,000

Application Deadline: Applications received by 11/22 will receive first consideration. The last day to submit applications is January 3, 2022.

Kinsman Free Public Library (KFPL) is looking to hire a team player who is reliable, enthusiastic, creative, ambitious, flexible, dependable and cooperative, who will bring value to our organization, and who will efficiently adopt our team culture with a positive attitude and outlook.

Interested candidates should send a resume, cover letter, and three professional references by email to nicoles@kinsmanlibrary.org.  



This position serves as the administrative officer of the Library and acts as the principal advisor to the Library’s Board of Trustees. The position is responsible for all Library services, collections, programs, policies as well as any other matters pertaining to the Library. The position completes all duties, tasks, and responsibilities for the Library as required by the Library Board of Trustees. 



This position requires the ability to perform the basic physical activities associated with routine library work. Previous work experience in a public library and supervisory experience is preferred.



  • Implements policies established by the Library Board.
  • Carries out the established policies; recommends policies/policy changes to the Library Board. 
  • Develops and carries out the plans of service of the Library. 
  • Develops long range plans as needed by the Library Board. 
  • Attends all Library Board and committee meetings and prepares meeting agendas and reports.
  • Maintains a professional relationship with and attends meetings related to professional affiliations including but not limited to Trumbull County, CLEVNET, Northeast Ohio Regional Library System, and the State Library of Ohio. 
  • Informs the Library Board about developments in the library field. 
  • Maintains an awareness of public laws and policies as they relate to public Libraries, specifically the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Sunshine and Open Meeting Laws. 
  • Serves as the Library’s Deputy Fiscal Officer. 
  • Related work under the supervision of the Library Board as needed.



  • Supervises all Library staff. 
  • Conducts the hiring, performance evaluations, disciplinary, and separation from service procedures for all employees. 
  • Maintains all personnel records and payroll records. 
  • Prepares work schedules and approves staff requests for time off and schedule changes.



  • Acts as purchasing agent for the Board. 
  • Prepares the annual budget and appropriation ordinance in conjunction with the Fiscal Officer.
  • Receives and expends the annual funds according to the budget. 
  • Works with the Fiscal Officer to develop the monthly financial reports.
  • Prepares grant applications. 



  • Oversees the selection, purchasing, processing, and discarding of all print and non-print library materials and collections. 
  • Oversees the discarding of print and non-print materials in accordance with Library Policy and procedures. 
  • Advises the Library Board on issues involving collection development, materials selection, and individual titles. 



  • Responsible for the maintenance, repair, and preservation of the Library’s buildings and grounds.
  • Develops guidelines for the custodial maintenance of the building and grounds.
  • Ensures that access and safety to the buildings and grounds are in compliance with all state/federal laws and regulations. 



  • Serves as the primary Library representative to the community. 
  • Interacts with community members and groups to develop support for the Library.
  • Serves as the Library’s representative to the media.
  • Develops all press releases to all media outlets as needed. 
  • Maintains and oversees the Library’s newsletter, website and social media.



  • Decision making 
  • Human resources skills
  • Integrity
  • Organizational/analytical 
  • Vision for change/innovation 
  • Communication 
  • Financial management 
  • Up-to-date skills in computer and technology applications 


Interested candidates should send a resume, cover letter, and three professional references by email to nicoles@kinsmanlibrary.org.  


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