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book shelf with random things on it including a football, soccer ball, ukulele, yarn, dumbells, binoculars, cake pan, kindle and laptop

At KFPL, you can borrow more than can borrow lots of "things" from our Library of Things!

We have Tech Things, Fun & Game Things, Health & Wellness Things, and Discovery Things! From ukuleles, to cake pans, to fitbits, to wi-fi hot spots, we have just the "thing" for everyone! Click here to see a complete list of "things" you can borrow from the library!


 Family of three sitting on the floor around a board game

Tired of your Board Games and puzzles at home and want to try something new? Borrow some from us! Let us do the planning for your next Family Fun Night with our Family Fun Bundles! Each bundle includes themed board games, puzzles, cook books and movies.

Choose from themes like:

  • Spongebob's Holidays Under the Sea 
  • American Girl 
  • Trivia  
  • Big Mouths
  • Big Fun 
  • Harry Potter 
  • Keep Cool 
  • Mystery Night

To borrow a bundle, you must have a KFPL library card. Lending period is 14 days.


Take & Create

New how-to instructional videos for children, teens & adults are posted each month:

Each month we will put together a different crafting kit for kids, teens and adults that will include supplies and instructions needed to complete a project at home. (Some supplies may be needed from home.) The Take & Create bags will become available to pick-up at the library during the first week of each month. Supplies are limited and will only be available while they last. Video tutorials will be posted as well for each craft on the KFPL YouTube channel (see links above). 

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