Teen Retro Reading Challenge

Teen Retro Reading Challenge in bright colors

Calling all Teens! We have a challenge just for you. Starting August 30th, pick 3 prompts from the provided list. Then, read 1 book for each prompt that you picked. So, you will read a total of 3 books. Please contact charityd@kinsmanlibrary with any questions.


Prompts (Pick 3): 

1. A book about a superhero

2. A book that is/was considered banned

3. A book that is set in the 1980's or 1990's

4. A book affiliated with a movie or TV show

5. A book that has a playlist on a music streaming service

6. A book published the year you were born

7. A book by an author you follow on social media

After you have read your 3 books, click here to fill out the Google Form and submit it by October 10th.

For help or questions, please e-mail charityd@kinsmanlibrary.org

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